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We have over 80 years of experience in the development and implementation of parts cleaning chemistries and equipment and over 30 years experience in the safe and efficient handling of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

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Over 100 Million Served!! That's how many parts we have successfully cleaned to customer specifications since we began providing this unique service.

Hundreds of companies can sell you equipment and fluids so that you can clean your parts (PCT has been one of those companies since 1926). But what if you don't want to wrestle with all the recent red tape and regulation surrounding parts cleaning? What if your business can't afford the time to sort through all the different equipment and cleaning options? If you think it might be easier to have someone else clean your parts for you, call us! At PCT we deal with the hassles so all you have to deal with is clean parts.

Parts Cleaning Technologies - Cleaning Test Lab

Quality: Our efficient and well-maintained degreasing equipment equals or improves cleaning quality, often providing cleaner parts than the in-plant cleaning operations.

Economy: PCT has over 80 years of expertise with customer cleaning challenges. If you think that out-sourced cleaning might be useful to you, try Parts Cleaning Technologies. We think you'll find us fast, clean, and affordable.

To help the industries we serve solve their cleaning problems, PCT has established a test cleaning and evaluation laboratory fully equipped with the latest PCT cleaning equipment and sophisticated test apparatus. In this laboratory we can simulate any required cleaning cycle for any product.

Contract Parts Cleaning Centers

Parts Cleaning Technologies has 3 current and operational Contract Parts Cleaning Centers ready to service your region of the country. Each center has specific abilities and types of cleaning operations available.

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