On-site Vapor Degreaser Cleanouts

A regularly scheduled vapor degreaser cleanout decreases solvent consumption and keeps your equipment running more efficiently. Our trained service staff, with confined space entry certification, will come to your facility to clean and neutralize your vapor degreaser to remove accumulated acidic residues and debris.  In addition, PCT will review the operational efficiency of your vapor degreaser and provide a list of components found to be defective or questionable.  Replacement service parts are available at additional cost. If available, minor replacement parts can be installed for no additional charge while on site. More significant repairs or modifications required would be quoted and or scheduled at standard field service rates.

Preventive Maintenance For Your Vapor Degreaser
Annual preventive maintenance agreements are available:

  • Perform a general inspection of your degreasing unit
  • Check operating temperatures and pressures to determine if unit is operating within prescribed limits
  • Check the function of all indicator lights, gauges and controls
  • Perform an acid acceptance test
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Review equipment status for NESHAP compliance
  • Advise & update training for operators & maintenance staff

On-site field service and repair is available for all types and brands of vapor degreasers. Contact us for a proposal on cleaning your equipment.

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